Luxury Living Made Possible
At The Peak Of Leonie Hill Road

With 2 exclusive towers, and only 124 spacious units at the peak of 16 and 18 Leonie Hill Road, New Futura promises to deliver the ultimate symbol of prestige and luxury for the selected few here in district 9. Yet despite its grandiose architecture and design, the condo is still conveniently located close to familiar sights and amenities like Great World City and the Orchard Shopping Belt.

This is but a visual manifestation to the level of thought and detail renowned property developer, City Developments Limited, dedicates to the construction of one of Singapore's most prestigious condominium. After all, this project aims to strike significantly across the Somerset area skyline with its imposing twin towers.

A symbol of its status and prominent stature for anyone in the encompassing area to behold.

immortalise the Futura Trademark

First Private Lifts

The original Futura in Leonie Hill Road holds the title of being the first condominiun in Singapore to introduce the concept of private lifts. A concept now brought one step further as every apartment unit enjoys its own private lift and lobby area

Distinctive Curved Facade

The original Futura was easily recognised and remembered for its distinct curved facade along the exterior walls. This distinction is now expanded by an international architecture firm to create the iconic fins across the two towers 

original Futura in Leonie Hill Road
Image of the original Futura in Leonie Hill Road

The Leonie Hill Road Condominium History

Completed in the year 1976, the original Futura in Leonie Hill Road holds the honour of being Singapore's second condominium, just two years after the completion of Beverly Mai. Both properties were the creation of Dr Timothy Seow, the man who designed Singapore's first two condominiums. With each of them introducing new apartment designing concepts to the nation.

The Futura was a gem for its time, as it became the first condominium and residential apartment to introduce the idea of private lifts. A feature that gave its residents the highest level of privacy and exclusivity. The idea became an instant hit with the privileged few who could afford this lavish luxury, instead of having to share a common corridor with neighbours.

In addition, the name of the condo was a reflection of the architectural goal to always be advanced, ahead of its time. Creating the iconic radial wings design and geometric space-pods apartments.

When City Sunshine Holdings purchased the land and the condo (all 69 units and three penthouses) many were concerned that these symbolic features would be lost.

Thus, taking these trademark concepts in mind, they have since been retained and immortalised into the New Futura Condo at Leonie Hill Road. To be a continual sign of the developer's goal to retain the condo's historical achievements with its modern and futuristic ambitions.