Things to take note of before owning your first luxury condominium in Singapore

As a first time condo owner, it is always an exciting journey as you venture into a world of prestige and luxury. Especially with a condominium like New Futura which situated in the heart of district 09, the main shopping belt of Singapore.

Whether you're a HDB upgrader, a seasoned condo buyer, a foreigner, or an investor, there are certain key things to take note of with regards to your condo purchase.

We've compiled a list of useful resources to help make this journey as smooth as possible.

Property Registration Services

Perhaps one of the most important things to get out of the way fast, is your Title Deed.

The Singapore Land Authority handles the registration of all property transactions that takes place within Singapore, regardless of residential (HDB, private, landed) or commercial.

With the land register, it clearly states who owns the land and hence the encumbrances of that land.

Interior Design & Renovation

One of the advantage of owning a luxury condominium is that the furnishing and fittings are provided. Rarely would you want to refurbish or remodel the apartment especially when you have a renowned developer like City Developments Limited involved. Their projects are designed by international architects and interior designers to provide a prestige appearance from top to bottom.

However, in some cases, minor renovation works might be required for exceptional cases. This is usually for areas like the kitchen where you may require additional shelving or space for a special kitchen equipment.

In such instances, we recommend engaging a renovation contractor specialising in kitchen works. And if possible do look for a firm that has experience renovating condo kitchens as the layout and configuration are different.

Most of these contractors would sit down with you to discuss your requirements and needs. They'll also help you apply for the necessary permits and documentations.

Unlike a HDB renovation work, the condo's management will be involved due to the disturbance caused by the renovation to the estate. Check that the contractor you engage is familiar with condo practices.

Before carrying out any renovation work, it is always best to have an idea of how your final look and feel is going to be. As a premium condominium, we are concerned when individuals remodel their apartment and loses the prestigious aspect of the condo.

We recommend drawing inspiration from interior design site DCRS Decorations. Do check out their kitchen interior design page for ideas on kitchen fixtures and fittings for high end properties.

Additional Shelving Options

Majority of the time, you may not be looking to redesign or redevelop a masterpiece from an international architect. Instead, what you may require are additional shelving options around the apartment.

Instead of opting for cheap shelves that stands out from the rest of your decor, consider going to premium furniture sites with prestigious cabinet furniture models that matches the high grade living of New Futura Condo. One such furniture that goes well in any premium home is a luxurious coffee table made and designed with solid wood.

Moving to Your New Home

For many, this is the most exciting part of home ownership. The wait for renovation works to complete is finally over and and its time to move into your new home. While you can always handle this move on your own, most will prefer to hire a reputable Singapore mover, specializing in home moving services to get the job done. With a good mover, everything from dismantling of large pieces of furniture, to packing and unpacking plus layout of furniture pieces and items will be taken care of giving you a stress free moving experience.