New Futura Owners' Resources Page

A Compilation of Useful Resources for New Futura Owners

So you have moved into New Futura, one of the most prestigious District 9 condos, sitting majestically along Leonie Hill Road. New Futura boasts of unparalleled convenience, being conveniently located within walking distance of both the Orchard shopping belt plus the Great World City area.

While we are sure you will love every bit of New Futura, here's a list of resources we feel, as New Futura owners, you will need from time to time.

Moving Services

Whether you are moving in to New Futura or moving out eventually, a good moving services provider will come in handy. They will be able to handle all types of residential moves, relieving you of the stress of having to plan the relocation yourself, thus saving you time simultaneously.

Pest Control Services

Nobody loves having pest like termites, cockroaches etc invading their homes. But if you should encounter pest problems from time to time, a good pest control and management service provider is essential. They will help you rid your home of these nasty invaders. For added peace of mind, you can even sign an annual contract with them, to have them inspect your home on a regular basis, to keep it pest free.

Emergency Services

It's always useful to have available the following emergency contact numbers:

Emergency Numbers

Police : 999

Ambulance and Fire : 995

Non Emergency Numbers

Police: 1800 225 0000

Ambulance: 1777

SCDF: 1800 286 5555

Food Delivery

It's been said that eating is a Singaporean's favourite pass time. Here are two services we know you will love:

You may also find it useful to download the Food Panda app for easy access to their service from your mobile phone.

Transportation Services

While New Futura is easily connected to the rest of Singapore via MRT and buses, if you are in a hurry, nothing beats the Grab app. However, since arriving in Singapore, Gojek has been giving Grab a good run for their money. You may thus wish to downlaod their app as well, just as an alternative car hailing service.

Funeral Services

This is a resource we hope you will never need. But in times of grief, decision making is very often hard. Even the act of finding a reputable funeral services undertaker may be daunting to some. For the expat community in New Futura, you may want to know that Solace also provides repatriation services.

And if you need another provider for comparison purposes, try They are professional, affordable and most importantly, reliable.

Covid Resources

Since the Covid-19 saga, our Government has launched a series of sites, social media channels and mobile apps to help Singaporeans keep updated on matters pertaining to Covid-19. All these resources are summarised here on their Covid resource page.


We hope you find the above resources useful. Rest assured, we will do our best to add to this list as when when wefind services that will be of interest to you