Uncover 36 Stories of Artistic Beauty
Laced Within a Simple Site Plan

The instance Skidmore, Owings & Merrill became the appointed architect for New Futura, it was hardly surprising New Futura's site plan was packed with many state-of-the-art features. We knew from that moment, our residents and future homeowners will marvel at the suite of facilities that truly represent luxurious living in Singapore. 

It is after all, our utmost desire to offer affluent owners the opportunity to live not just in comfort, but in style. Not just another ultra-luxury property, but a modern work of art, reserved strictly for the very best.

Facilities @ New Futura

As a resident here at New Futura, you'll find yourself spoilt for choices with the countless array of luxurious facilities around the estate. We've laid an entire itinerary of activities for the young and the young at heart.

Nature lovers can rest and relax surrounded by beautiful lush greenery at each of our 6 sky gardens, where you get to enjoy panoramic breath taking views of Singapore's busiest shopping district. Or choose to unwind at one of our reading corners, yoga deck, meditation deck, or perhaps at our foot reflexology.

We also have a Wellness Studio for the fitness enthusiasts raving to break a sweat or raring to dive into our infinity pool. Or take things slower and experience a wonderful strecth at our Yoga Deck.

For the pet lovers, we have reserved an entire Pet's Lawn giving your flurry friend the opportunity and space to be one with nature.

Families of all ages can bring their little ones to play around any one of our Family Patio or even the Kid's Corner. Then end the evening with an Alfresco BBQ at your very own private event held at Club Futura.

Finally for the art lovers, appreciate the fact you're constantly surrounded by beautiful sculptures, waterwall, and countless viewing decks to admire the modern artistry that is New Futura.

1. Arrival Plaza

2. Grand Lobby

3. Infinity Lap Pool

4. Pool Deck

5. Cabanas

6. Board Walk

7. Wading Pool

8. Clubhouse (Club Futura)

Lower Level

  • Private Dining
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Cosy Lounge
  • Concierge

Upper Level

  • Alfresco BBQ
  • Function Room

9. Kid's Corner

10. Pet's Lawn

11. Nature Trail

1. Arrival Garden

2. Sculpture

3. Waterwall

4. Concierge

1. Wellness Studio

  • Gymnasium
  • Steam Rooms
  • Changing Rooms with Lockers

2. Action Deck

3. Leisure Deck

1. Yoga Deck

2. Pilates Deck

3. Meditation Decks

4. Relaxation Decks

5. Foot Reflexology

1. Lap Pool

2. Pool Deck

3. Outdoor Rain Shower

4. Viewing Deck

1. Social Lounge

2. Family Patio

3. Cosy Bay

4. Epicure Dining

5. Leisure Lawn

1. Reading Corner

2. Wired Zone

3. Synapse Bay

4. Wisdom Garden

1. Jacuzzi

2. Tea Veranda

3. Spa Beds

4. Spa Alcove

5. Viewing Deck

1. Social Lounge

2. Family Patio

3. Cosy Bay

4. Epicure Dining

5. Leisure Lawn

beyond the Sky Terraces

Modern Masterpiece

Discover beautiful eco-friendly lush greeneries surrounding each of the 6 sky terraces 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Impress your guests from an Arrival Garden, a Grand Lobby, to an Infinity Lap Pool almost as impressive as MBS

360-Degree City Views

Host small events or spend quality alone time with a panoramic view of the city

Private Clubhouse

Organise VIP private events at Club Futura complete with a Gourmet Kitchen, Cosy Lounge and a Concierge

Marvel at the Details of Each Level's Site Plan

At New Futura, every level is unique, every floor has a specific role and purpose in the grand design of the entire building. Moving beyond the link bridge found on level 3, which connects both towers, are individual designs for all 36 floors. You may begin to see why every level of New Futura's Floor Plan is but another layer of architectural masterpiece reserved only for the privileged few to admire and enjoy.

For now, appreciate the attention to detail to be found within each of New Futura's Sky Terraces.

  • All
  • North Tower
  • South Tower

Fitness Terrace – Level 3

New Futura - Site Plan - Level 3 - Fitness Terrace

Sky Serenity – Level 10

New Futura - Site Plan - North Tower Level 10 - Sky Serenity

Sky Aqua – Level 23

New Futura - Site Plan - North Tower Level 23 - Sky Aqua

Sky Indulgence – Level 28

New Futura - Site Plan - North Tower Level 28 - Sky Indulgence

Sky Sense – Level 14

New Futura - Site Plan - South Tower Level 14 - Sky Sense

Sky Bliss – Level 23

New Futura - Site Plan - South Tower Level 23 - Sky Bliss

Sky Indulgence – Level 30

New Futura - Site Plan - South Tower Level 30 - Sky Indulgence